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Criminal convictions have far-reaching consequences that will affect your life for years to come. The consequences of a criminal law arrest may affect your employment, your family relationships, your role in your children’s lives, your standing in the community and your freedom. These consequences may start immediately, so it is extremely important for you to retain qualified criminal law representation as soon as possible.

Criminal law convictions subject you to jail, prison or monetary fines that could cripple you for years. Therefore, it is important to entrust the consequences of any criminal law arrest or charge to a skilled attorney, like me –  RW Mozingo II. I will aggressively defend your criminal law rights and strive to minimize the impact any arrest has on your future. As soon as you can, get help from me at The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC.

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A criminal charge has immediate consequences that need to be addressed in a timely manner. Any delay may harm possible defenses and place you in a worse position.

An Experienced Litigator With An Excellent Record

Courtroom experience is extremely valuable in selecting an attorney who will fight for your rights under all circumstances. You want the prosecutor of your case to know that your attorney is not afraid to take your case to trial and is capable of exploiting the weaknesses in their case. Having tried over 30 jury trials and close to 100 bench trials, I have the courtroom experience to aggressively fight for your rights in front of a judge and jury.

Many attorneys wish to dispose of criminal law cases quickly through a plea. While negotiating a plea may be in your best interest, you need an attorney that is willing to take your criminal law case all the way to trial. I have the negotiation skills, legal research ability and tireless work ethic to pursue your best interests.

Helping You Explore All Your Options

There are several paths to a successful defense against criminal law charges, and I will guide you through all possibilities. I provide you with all the information you need to ensure you make the correct decision on how to proceed. Whether that outcome is a diversion, negotiating a favorable plea, filing motions to suppress evidence or taking the case to trial, I will make sure you are armed with everything you need to know to make the correct choices given your unique situation.

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Don’t have your criminal law case crippled by not acting quickly. I offer a free initial consultation that allows you to know what your options are and which areas of your criminal law case need immediate attention. Schedule your free consultation with The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC, today and protect your rights. Call 913-732-4903, or send me an email.