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Using Expungement To Give You A Fresh Start

Getting a fresh start after having one or more criminal charges on your record. At The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC, you can turn to me for effective, experienced counsel to expunge your eligible offenses and move on with your life.

My name is RW Mozingo II. I founded my law firm to provide outstanding defense services to clients in Olathe and the Johnson County area. With more than two decades of experience plus a career as a former prosecutor, I understand Kansas and Missouri’s expungement laws and how to put them to your benefit.

Expunging Your Record: What To Know

Expungement is when the state erases certain offenses from your criminal record. Law enforcement officers, judges and other court officials can still see your record, but employers, creditors and other members of the public cannot.

Most criminal offenses are eligible for expungement under Kansas law. The exceptions include serious violent or sexual crimes. Some of the more commonly expunged crimes include:

The best part about expunging your record is that you can move on from your past. With a clean or lightened record, you do not have to worry about losing opportunities in education, housing or your career.

Serving Clients In Both Kansas And Missouri

Keep in mind that Kansas and Missouri have different legal systems. Though my office is in Kansas, I am licensed to practice in both states. I work with many clients who live in one state but have a conviction in the other state or both states. Even if your offense occurred in Missouri, I can help you explore expunging your record.

Learn More About Getting A Fresh Start

Expungement can change your life by granting you a new lease on life. Do you qualify? Speak with me in a free initial consultation to learn more. To reach me, call 913-732-4903, or send me an email.