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Juvenile adjudications may have long-lasting effects on you or your child’s criminal history. My name is RW Mozingo II, and I am a criminal defense attorney in Olathe. It is absolutely necessary that you pursue outcomes in any juvenile case with an eye on its future consequences, not just the immediate results.

At The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC, I will help direct you through the maze of the juvenile legal system. Juvenile charges are now available to be prosecuted through the jury trial process. Therefore, you need someone with the litigation experience necessary to provide you with the defense you need to obtain the best results.

What Are The Consequences Of A Juvenile Charge?

While findings of guilt do not result in “convictions” for minors in Kansas or Missouri, these adjudications may place you in sentencing categories that result in prison for any criminal law offenses as an adult. These are important future consequences, but the immediate consequences need to be realized as well. These adjudications may affect future educational choices as well as your ability to obtain financing to continue your education after high school. Although you may have the chance to expunge your record, these are very important considerations, and a qualified attorney is absolutely necessary.

Helping You Understand The Law And Your Rights

July 1, 2016, brought about the first dramatic changes in the juvenile system. These were just the first implemented changes with additional changes to continue for the next several years. Many of these changes will severely limit the options available post-adjudication. Each change may dramatically alter the options available in pleading or resolution of these cases. I will direct you through this process.

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Young people deserve a second chance, not harsh criminal sentences. When you need a strong defense, I am ready to help you. I offer free initial consultations – get yours today by calling The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC at 913-732-4903 or by sending me an email.