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Skillful Defense For Criminal Domestic Charges

Facing domestic charges, specifically domestic battery, may have far-reaching consequences. These consequences range from immigration considerations and job complications to affecting your right to legally own firearms. Also, with a mandatory time period where there is no contact with the alleged victim, issues concerning where you will reside need to be addressed immediately.

During this obviously confusing and frightening time, you need an attorney who has the skills to guide you through these difficult times. Let me, RW Mozingo II, give you the legal assistance to make the best choices for you and your situation. I founded my law firm, The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC, so that I can give hands-on criminal defense to people who need it.

Experience As A Former Prosecutor

Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, I spent a portion of my prosecutorial years serving in the domestic violence unit of the Johnson County District Attorney’s office. This time gave me not only valuable trial experience but also exposed me to training in police investigations and victim mentality. While each domestic case will have an alleged victim, that person will have an assigned victim advocate assigned to them. Knowing how this interaction affects prosecution is one of the many insider knowledge ideas that I bring to your defense.

Contact Me Immediately For Defense

The key to a successful defense starts immediately after your arrest. Do not hesitate and lose valuable time in securing evidence that may be used to your benefit. Contact The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC, immediately if you or a loved one has been charged with these types of crimes. Call 913-732-4903, or send me an email for a free consultation.