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Protecting Drivers From Traffic Penalties For Over 20 Years

Do not make the mistake of underestimating a traffic offense. Having a violation on your record – particularly if you have prior offenses – can quickly harm your driving privileges. It can also result in expensive fines and other civil penalties.

At The Mozingo Law Firm, LLC, I take traffic offenses as seriously as you should. My name is RW Mozingo II. As a defense lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, I serve clients in Olathe and the surrounding metro area who face criminal penalties. From civil traffic issues to federal criminal charges, I offer personalized services to protect your rights.

Experienced Defense For All Traffic Violations

In my extensive legal career, I have handled hundreds of traffic violations, if not more. Some of these include:

When it comes to helping my clients, I have achieved numerous favorable results. From getting criminal charges dismissed to negotiating a favorable sentence, I do everything in my power to secure a positive outcome and protect your driving privileges.

A Former Prosecutor Who Defends You

Before founding my law firm, I worked as a prosecutor for Johnson County. I have seen how the state of Kansas handles civil and criminal offenses, as I have prosecuted many of them myself. I draw from this knowledge to put together a cohesive and persuasive defense designed to shelter you from the penalties of a conviction.

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Do not simply hope that your traffic ticket will go away on its own. Work with me to resolve it – soon. To speak with me, please set up a completely free initial consultation by calling 913-732-4903 or by using my online contact form.